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BackAd and biggest bank in CIS

Ad campaign that knocked out the strike

SberBank is the largest bank in Central And Eastern Europe. Sberbank is the first BackAd client to run one of the longest and most mobile advertising campaigns in the city of Moscow (the main city of BackAd operation). The advertising campaign lasted for 1 month and covered more than 50 km in two directions (our personnel moved from point A to point B, which were 50 kms apart from each other).


"Your format is unique, what can you offer us?».

When we were asked to advertise a bank product "Minimal money transfer to neighboring countries", we immediately began developing an ad camping, the main task of which was to reach as much of the target audience as possible promoting such a unique, narrowly focused product. We worked out a mechanic to accomplish that goal.

Advertising mechanics for immigrants from CIS
The main proposed mechanics covered the largest number of individuals from neighboring countries currently in Moscow. The route, which our personnel with backpacks was traveling on, consisted of pedestrian traffic to the Multifunctional Migration center (53 km from Moscow) and had the advertising surface in the target audience's concentration points:

  • Nearest metro station with a lot of traffic
  • Buses to the Migration center
  • Migration center territory

A huge advantage of this route was that there was no other advertising, and being constantly within the people allowed to increase contact with ads by several times.

Thanks to the mobility of the format, the most relevant advertising distribution area for the client was selected, and 6 promoters with media backpacks were involved in the promotion. We divided them into two groups so that they could accompany everyone who went to the Migration center and back to the metro during the stated period of the ad campaign. The time of the event was also chosen when the traffic of people on this route was at its maximum. The unusual format of implementation attracted so much attention that people were absorbed by it. Many people wanted to make a money transfer right away, but they didn't know how due to the lack of experience. Our promoters explained and assisted in the transaction process and explained how to continue using the transaction and many other Client’s services.

There’s no way to do it without nuances
In the middle of the advertising campaign, when the route was selected, promoters were recruited, and advertising content was implemented, the client was undergoing a global rebranding process. The customer was immediately provided with a new version of the creative and thanks to the capabilities of BackAd backpacks (Internet connection availability), we instantly changed the creative on all advertising screens, despite the fact that all backpacks were outside of Moscow. No additional resources were spent to change the creative, the entire part of the procedure was carried out without prejudice towards the client's new brand.

For outdoor advertising inventory (city-formats, billboards, signs, flyers), such a global change would require a lot of resources and man-hours.


The client was satisfied with the ad campaign performed, and was pleasantly impressed with the speed of change in the advertising content.

During the advertising campaign, we counted the coverage with implemented into each backpack sensors. Afterwards, the client got the data analysis of those who had seen the ad.

The total coverage was more than 57 000 people with 6 backpacks.
The client was also provided with Analytics for the following parameters:
·      Age
·      Gender
·      Income level

BackAd achieved high coverage rates, the client was satisfied with the placement and planned a second campaign for 2 months and with 50 digital backpacks, instead of 6.